People of Faith Helping Neighbors in Need

Based on the belief that every individual is worthy and can become a self-supporting and contributing member of our community, the mission of Uptown Faith Community Service Center (UFCSC) is:

To provide services to homeless, poor and needy persons in a manner that is respectful and inclusive of all individuals and all circumstances.

       Uptown Faith is a nonprofit community service center in North Park and is run by dedicated volunteers.  Uptown provides services to over 1,700 homeless and very-low income persons per month through providing a mailing address, taking messages, giving information and referrals, emergency food distribution, hygiene kits, clothing, providing computer/internet access and help obtaining California IDs.  Our clients age range is from 17 to 82 with an average age of 43 and 40% of them are female.  The racial breakdown is 41% white, 34% black, 19% Hispanic,  and the remaining 6% Asian and other.  Homeless clients account for 60% of our clients; 50% of the clients have some form of disability and 12% are veterans.  The Service Center is supported by a group of 11 community churches of several denominations, and contributions from individual donors.  If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity for 3 hours a week or a month call UFCSC at 619 281 8411 and ask for J.D. McDonald.

Pictures from December’s  Volunteer Appreciation Party 

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