The mission of Uptown Faith Community Service Center is to help poor and homeless individuals, without discrimination, to become self-supporting members of our community.   Uptown has been averaging more than 110 clients per day, helping them through:

–      Providing information and referrals

–      Providing a place to receive mail and phone  messages

–      Aiding clients in obtaining California IDs

DSC06960–      Distributing emergency food

–      Providing hygiene supplies

–      Supplying used clothing

–      Providing a computer center with internet access

_       Providing access to a telephone

In 2013 Uptown Faith CSC:

  • Handed out mail and messages 15717 times
  • Provided 9220 bags of food
  • Provided 5465 hygiene kitsDCFC0123.JPG
  • Gave out 7542 bags of clothing
  • Experienced 3063 visits to the computer center
  • Helped 1060 obtain California IDs

During the year there were 27,752 client visits, an average of 111 clients per day